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greek salad (vegetarian)

Greek salad of tomato cherries mix of colors, dákos (Greek toasted rolls), feta cheese, onion, capers and olives.

€ 14.00

gávros mariné

marinated anchovies with garlic and parsley accompanied by pickled salad of fennel and onion, with traditional taramas (fish roe cream) on bread, topped with roasted fishbone powder.

€ 12.00

soutzoukákia smyrnéika

spicy meatballs, served in a characteristic tomato sauce, accompanied by Greek yogurt and pita bread.

€ 12.00

pikília alifón (vegetarian)

creamy salad variety of tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber and garlic), tirokafteri (spicy cheese) and agioritiki (eggplant) with pita bread.

€ 11.00

domatokeftédes (vegetarian)

small tomato burgers accompanied with a yogurt, lime and mint dip.

€ 10.00

garídes grecocina (spicy)

Caribbean Queen prawns sautéed with ginger, red chili and white wine with curry sauce, honey, lime, coconut cream, cilantro andbaby arugula.

€ 16.00


greek moussáka

with potatoes, eggplant, minced beef meat and béchamel.

€ 15.00


pork skewer with french fries, peppers, tzatziki, onion, tomato and pita bread.

€ 18.00

moshári me pouré fasoládas (Spicy)

grilled beef tenderloin with fasoláda puree (giant white beans of Greece), rosemary and thyme sauce and egg yolk amber.

€ 26.00

arní foúrnou

low-temperature baked lamb cooked in rosé wine, with dill, garlic, zucchini puree, caramelized onion and mavrodafne sauce (Greek semi-sweet wine).

€ 22.00


seafood pasta (shrimp and mussels) in roasted tomato sauce, palermo pepper and fresh basil.

€ 18.00


chicken balotin with two mushroom textures and baby potatoes.

€ 17.00

melitsána psití (vegetarian)

roasted eggplant with tomato chutney (jam), cream cheese flavored with lime and mint and base of tomato sauce and basil.

€ 13.00

We use greek extra virgin olive oil.

* All our dishes may contain traces of allergens.

Healthy cuisine

Fresh and carefully selected ingredients. Many of them come directly from Greece, as well as wines that will not leave anyone indifferent.


milféi sokolátas

orange flavored chocolate cream in filo pastry garnished with salted caramel and icing sugar.

€ 8.00

greek yogurt with spoon sweet

authentic greek yogurt with traditional sweet fruit preserves, honey and nuts.

€ 7.00

tárta lemóni

lemon tart with wild berries sauce.

€ 9.00


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