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greek salad (vegetarian)

greek salad with tomatoes and cucumber, dakos (barley rusk), feta cheese, peppers, onion, olives, oregano and olive oil.

€ 11.00

patzarosalata (vegetarian)

beetroot salad with arugula, mint, apple, ksinotiri (greek cheese) and balsamic sauce.

€ 12.00

salata lahanikon (vegetarian)

warm salad with pumpkin, sweet potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, assorted peppers, potatoes, manuri cheese and red fruit sauce.

€ 10.00

gavros marinated

marinated anchovies with garlic and parsley served with traditional taramas (fish roe cream) on toasted bread, accompanied with pickled onion and fennel salad, topped with roasted fishbone powder.

€ 12.00

psites garides

prawns with petimezi (grapemust) sauce, lime, garlic and smoked paprika.

€ 12.00

feta psiti (vegetarian)

roasted feta cheese with tomato, garlic, chili pepper and olive oil.

€ 9.00

lukaniko horiatiko

grilled greek sausage with lemon, tomato and mustard sauce with honey and thyme.

€ 11.00

manitaria fournou

baked mushrooms with smoked cheese and siglino (smoked pork meat).

€ 9.00

pikilia alifon (vegetarian)

salad variety of tzatzíki, tirokafterí and agiorítiki with vegetable chips.

€ 11.00

kolokithokeftedes (vegetarian)

fried zucchini fritter balls with feta cheese.

€ 8.00


fried pastry filo with greek pastrami and medium-hard cheese.

€ 9.00

dakos kritikos (vegetarian)

dakos (barley rusk) with fresh tomato sauce, oregano, voskotiri cheese, olives and basil.

€ 9.00


fried squids with yogurt sauce.

€ 10.00


greek moussaka

with potatoes, eggplant, minced meat, béchamel and cheese sauce.

€ 11.00


pork skewer with french fries, red and green peppers, tzatziki, onion, tomatoes and pita bread.

€ 12.00

arni fournou

baked lamb with caramelized apples, walnuts and parmesan snow.

€ 20.00

kebap giaourtlou

lamb and pork burger with yogurt sauce, tomatoes, onions, mint and pita.

€ 14.00

mosharaki mavrodafni

tender beef with mavrodafni wine sauce, mushrooms and celery root puree.

€ 18.00


baked lamb (without bone) with garlic, cheese, assorted peppers and tomatoes.

€ 20.00


chicken roll with bacon, stuffed with caper leaves, tomato and cheese with a cocktail sauce and arugula salad, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese.

€ 17.00


grilled steak without bone (350 gr.) with fried sweet potatoes ranchera and barbecue sauce.

€ 22.00

beetroot pesto pasta (vegetarian)

with cheese, beetroot, walnuts, garlic, mint and yogurt sauce.

€ 10.00


mussels with cherry tomatoes, lemon zest, parsley, crushed garlic cream, wine, cheese and masticha.

€ 14.00

moussaka vegetarian

eggplant with potatoes, bolognese nut sauce and bechamel sauce of mashed potatoes with almond milk and parmesan cheese.

€ 14.00

kotopoulo marinated

chicken marinated in paprika, sautéed vegetables (broccoli, marzorca baby, assorted peppers, zucchini, carrot and onion) with sesame oil and soy.

€ 16.00

kritharoto vegetarian

greek pasta, eggplant, red peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, cheese and cherry tomatoes.

€ 12.00

Our bread is homemade and we use greek extra virgin olive oil.

* All our dishes may contain traces of allergens.

Healthy cuisine

Fresh and carefully selected ingredients. Many of them come directly from Greece, as well as wines that will not leave anyone indifferent.



chocolate “trunk” with biscuit and vanilla Madagascar ice cream.

€ 6.00

cinnamon cream

semicold cinnamon cream, caramelized dried fruits, cookies, chocolate and spicy mango sauce.

€ 7.00

Spoon sweet

authentic greek yogurt with traditional sweet fruit preserves.

€ 6.00

panakota jiaourti

yogurt panna cotta with granola, pasteli (crunchy sesame seed candy) and honey.

€ 7.00

kormos fraula

semicold strawberry cream with meringues, mint and strawberry sauce.

€ 7.00


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